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I2 Analytical

Founded in 2003, i2 Analytical Ltd is one of Europe's leading independent environmental testing companies providing its customers a comprehensive range of analytical, monitoring and technical support services.

We perform a full range of chemical analyses using state of the art laboratory techniques on soils, waters, building and waste materials. i2 Analytical can also undertake environmental monitoring and provide project specific site support services as required.

From our network of ISO 17025 and MCERTS accredited testing laboratories in the UK and Poland, we offer a rapid, efficient and reliable approach to a range of diverse sectors including environmental, geotechnical and construction around the world. Our unique Enviro Sampling Kit, enables the safe and efficient shipment of samples worldwide. We have also launched a new department, Environmental Forensics which can assist clients in identifying new and immerging pollutants, in addition to ultra-low level analysis for PAH’s, Pesticides, PFOS, PDBE’s and many other Persistent Organic Pollutants.

i2 Analytical integrates the benefits of its locations into one package and we support a diverse range of clients across a variety of global environmental projects.


- Environmental consultants
- Geotechnical consultants
- Site investigation contractors
- Remediation contractors
- Regeneration and property developers
- Asbestos management consultants
- Development agencies
- Local government and regulatory authorities
- Electronics, pharmaceutical, biochemistry and clinical research centres


- Construction
- Ministry of Defence
- Oil & Gas
- Leisure and Facilities management
- Mining
- Rail
- Health and Leisure
- Financial Services

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