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mECaNaKa Limited

With experience in the asbestos removal industry dating back to 1970, the personnel at Mecanaka Limited are well placed to develop and manufacture a wide range of products from flat-packed airlock systems, water management units and a range of air movers from 500 M³/hr to 10,000 M³/hr. We prioritise our efforts to make our equipment easy to erect, easy to use, whilst being robust and portable in use.

Having used and analysed most systems of connection for cabin systems over the years, Mecanaka in 2008, set about developing a connection system that would prove to be one of the most robust and reliable in use today. ABS was chosen over aluminium for the extrusion & moulded parts, as aluminium tends to bend and deform more readily with aggressive use.

Water management units should be uncomplicated `keep them simple, there is less to go wrong`. We should know a bit about this with over 1,200 units of our 150 litre water management systems sold and in use over the last 10 years.

Air movers - `A fan and a filter in a box we hear you say`

• Yes, but let us also make sure that the castors can be changed from the outside of the unit, if you have a problem.

• That the case is robust, it`s made with 6 mm ABS.

• That the filter clamping is even and reinforced.

• That there are no clips to get lost, bent or broken.

• That the transit covers are held in place by magnets.

• That the handle pockets are completely sealed.

• Positive pressure exhaust plenums and certificate view-able behind screwed inspection plates.

• Fan motors removable without disturbing the integrity of the HEPA filter.

Just a few considerations that make the Vent-Aire range of air movers stand out.

Mecanaka pride themselves on their ability to design and develop many bespoke products for our various customers, with numerous products own branded and sold by our customers overseas. So if you have a specific requirement, whether it be logo styles on your equipment, colour or indeed the development of a specific piece of equipment just ask one of the team and we will try to help.

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