Exhibiting at The Contamination Series

MiniContainment Nederland BV

MiniContainment Nederland originated from an idea that the removal of small asbestos objects from minor spaces should be easily possible within legal requirements. Asbestos removal workers don't have to wear overalls and masks anymore.

In Holland it's called thé Dutch asbestos-removal-innovation!

We have gained a broad experience in removing small-scale asbestos applications. With this knowledge we have developed a variety of different MiniContainment models that can be used in a range of different applications. For example, we have got a standard MiniContainment for removing windowsills, a double MiniContainment for transit ducts, or can use two half MiniContainments specifically for the removal of asbestos gaskets or valves in pipelines. And for asbestos-containing objects with irregular shape, we are able to build a customized MiniContainment.

MiniContainment Nederland BV claims the exclusive right to use the MiniContainment method including the devices within. An international patent application is filed for the MiniContainment method and the corresponding devices.

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