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National Nuclear Labortatory

The UK`s National Nuclear Laboratory offers an unrivalled breadth
of technical products and services to our customers across
the whole nuclear industry. We cover the complete nuclear
fuel cycle, from fuel manufacture and power generation to
reprocessing, waste treatment and disposal.
We deliver the right amount of innovation to deliver our
customers` needs. This can range from simply drilling a hole to
analyse underground wastes with our integrated microdrilling
technology through to the development of state-of-the-art power
systems for spacecraft, based on radioactive materials.

Key Facts and Figures (2013/14)
Revenue: £85.4 million
Profit: £8.1 million
Employees: Around 800 (including
450 scientists)
Locations: 6 throughout the UK

What services do we provide?
• Measurement and Analysis
• Environmental Services
• Waste Residues and Processes
• Waste Management Technology
• Fuel and Radioisotope Technology
• Spent Fuel Technology
• Safety Management
• Asset Care
• Homeland Security and Non-Proliferation
• Access to Facilities

What is important to us in our business dealings?
• Innovation
• Integrity
• Impact

Who are our principal customers?
Sellafield Ltd
EDF Energy
US Department of Energy
Ministry of Defence
Nuclear Decommissioning Authority
UK and International Governments
European Union

01925 289800