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Pro-Earth Ltd

Pro-Earth are specialists in environmental conservation and pollution control. Exclusive EU and UAE distributors of SaveSorb, the most effective hydrocarbon and chemical absorbent and heavy metal adsorbent available, innovation is at the heart of everything that we do.

Designers of spill control solutions for the construction industry

Our 4-step SaveSorb Spill Solutions helps prevents accidents becoming environmental incidents. We offer training in Prevention, Containment, Clear Up and Disposal.

Designers of waste water purification systems for the water industry

Excess levels of heavy metals like copper in waste water, can be costly issues for water companies. We have designed filtration systems using SaveSorb that reduce these contaminants to within permitted levels.

Designers of water purification systems for commercial caterers and the food processing industry

Emulsified FOGS in waste water cause expensive problems for the food industry. A new, revolutionary design of Fat Trap, incorporating SaveSorb, removes these contaminants.

All our solutions and systems are designed to save our clients time and save them money, while helping to save the environment.

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