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Savron is a multi-national provider of sustainable waste management and remediation solutions, specializing in the safe, energy-efficient, environmentally responsible treatment of a broad range of hazardous materials. Savron`s solutions help organizations in the oil and gas, waste management, chemical manufacturing, and utilities industries manage environmental liabilities and comply with regulatory requirements.

Our solutions are based on Savron's patented technology - an energy-efficient self-sustaining combustion process that captures and recycles the energy released from hazardous materials to destroy them in an effective, controllable, and safe manner. A broad range of hazardous materials including petroleum hydrocarbons, coal tar, creosote, mineral oils, and solvents can be treated by our technology. It works faster and to a dramatically higher environmental standard than common hazardous waste disposal practices such as thermal desorption, incineration, solidification, or landfilling.

Savron offers in situ and ex situ solutions for the treatment of contaminated soils and organic wastes, all based on the principles of smoldering combustion. Please visit for more information on STAR for the in situ treatment of contaminated soils and STARx for the ex situ treatment of contaminated soils and liquid organic wastes.

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