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SeaHow by Meritaito

SeaHow provides high quality expert services and intelligent solutions that support the sustainable use of sea and inland water areas. Reduced total lifetime costs and increased lifespan of marine infrastructures are key customer benefits. SeaHow core customer groups involve public authorities responsible for maritime environmental management, sea-faring, search and rescue - and companies operating in construction, maritime logistics and energy.

Next Generation Oil Spill Response Solutions

The new SeaHow skimmer systems provide unique efficiencies especially for near shore and coastal oil spill response. With their patented brush and scraper design they are among the first skimmer systems that can truly collect even a thin layer of light or heavy oil from water surface efficiently.

SeaHow skimmer system product line consists of different sizes of skimmer systems suitable to vessels from 6m long to the largest vessels used in offshore OSR. They are fast to deploy and easy to operate, making it possible to turn virtually any workboat or larger vessel into an OSR vessel in case of an oil accident. All SeaHow products are capacity certified by Lloyd`s Register.

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