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Smartlift Bulk Packaging Ltd

The core of our business is supplying a full range of FIBC`s, ranging from the very simple to UN certified and conductive bulk bags. We cater and supply to many industry sectors including Nuclear Decommissioning, Land remediation, Hazardous materials, chemicals and construction to name just a few.

We can manufacture bespoke UN approved FIBCs for the transportation of your hazardous goods, and we also stock a number of UN approved FIBCs which can be supplied to you with a 2-3 day lead time. These include our SMARTAINER and also our DEPOT BAG (for the transportation of asbestos sheeting and fibrous asbestos products).

Our depot bag was first developed as a solution to transport asbestos sheeting. Whilst out in the field, we experienced a great need for this bag to not only transport asbestos sheeting, but to transport other forms of asbestos. After undergoing vigorous UN/ADR testing, we are proud to say that our Depot bag product is certified to 13H4 packaging group 2 and is suitable to hold UN2212 and UN2590 products. We have found this to be revolutionary throughout the industry and has saved time and money using one container for all types of asbestos.

Being a reputable supplier of Bulk Bags in the UK, our clients in the Waste Industry commissioned us to find a cost effective solution for them to carry solid hazardous waste from site to the transfer stations. Traditional containers such as steel drums, Rigid IBC`s and COSHH bins are not only expensive, they are also difficult to store and incur the same transportation costs when empty.