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VertaseFLI Limited

VertaseFLI is a leading brownfield and contaminated land remediation, enabling and environmental contractor. We work for development, house building, manufacturing and petrochem sectors delivering complete remediation solutions & development ready platforms together with our clients and their teams.

In the last 12 months we have recovered free product for a global manufacturer following a major fuel loss, stabilised sewage sludge lagoons on a live STW, completed the first full landfill remediation for residential development, helped house-builders manage contaminated soils and overall cut and fill balances creating development platforms on multiple sites, prepared a radiologically contaminated site for residential development, undertaken multiple asbestos in soils projects in line with CAR-SOIL to mention just a few projects.

We work together as a team with our clients, their consultants, project managers and funders to develop and implement in-house designed and delivered remediation solutions for brownfield and contaminated sites. Contact us for both simple and complex enabling and remediation projects.

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