The New Way to Lift Manholes

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A revolutionary, safer and easier way of lifting stubborn manholes.


At DCR Inspection Systems Ltd, we’ve designed the perfect companion tool to anyone that has need of releasing resistant manhole covers. The ManUp key introduces an innovative, new and unique design – specifically manufactured to a high standard to tackle the most stubborn manholes. With conventional, most commonly available manhole keys, lifting can be an arduous and difficult process. Manholes which have rusted or are wedged-in are notoriously difficult to prise free, requiring a lot of physical effort, chiselling and hammering. The clever design of the ManUp key allows it to generate an upwards force of 1.5 tonnes, similar to a slide hammer, transforming the lifting process into an easy, one-man job which is safer, much easier and importantly does not damage the manhole in the process, avoiding costly repairs or replacements. Following numerous positive testimonials and fantastic feedback, we envisage the ManUp Key in setting the new standard to release tougher manholes.


Aside from the ManUp Key, DCR Inspection Systems hire, sell and repair a wide range of drain camera inspection equipment. We pride ourselves on offering excellent service with quick turnaround times, remaining professional and friendly to both large and small organisations. Given our experience in the industry, we are also well equipped to offer advice on the purchase or hire of equipment and seek to understand the individual needs of every customer. We are based in Treforest, South Wales but our success has meant that we carry out our business nationwide and even have customers as far afield as Cyprus.


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