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Pro-Earth’s SaveSorb product range protects the environment by absorbing contaminants from spills and filtering contaminated water to absorb and encapsulate almost all hydrocarbons, chemicals and heavy metals. None of our SaveSorb products let contaminants leach back out into the environment.

Manufactured from a totally natural, sustainable and hydrophobic substance, SaveSorb products are effective on gas, diesel, fuels of any kind, oils of any kind, oil-based paints, transmission fluid and all other oil-based spills. SaveSorb is the most effective way of containing and absorbing contaminants on construction sites and in marine and coastal environments.

The 4-Step Environment Protection Solution offers a full range for all construction needs

The 4-Step Environment Protection Solution is designed to offer cost-effective protection, while helping companies save time and money. How?

Step 1 - Prevention

Identifying threats and deploying SaveSorb products that contain and absorb contaminants fast mean if an accident does happen, it doesn’t become an expensive environmental incident.

• The Long-Term Marine Booms with Curtain can be deployed for up to 12 months in open water to provide the ultimate protection

• Drain Mats stop contaminants entering the drainage system while letting cleaned water filter through

• Marine Mats have many uses, including protecting harbours from oil and fuel spills

Step 2 - Containment & Absorption

• Containment Socks contain spills on land and water quickly and easily. They can be linked together to form a containment barrier of any size, or used to contain spills from leaking machinery and boats

Step 3 - Clear up

All SaveSorb products absorb oils, fuels and chemicals; no need for different products for different types of spills, saving time and money.

• Use 20x less loose SaveSorb to clear up spills compared to products like clay

• Truly effective absorption makes for cleaner, easier clear up

Step 4 – Disposal

After use, all SaveSorb products stay dry so disposal is faster, easier, cleaner and lighter.

Save Time   ·   Save Money   ·   Save the Environment