Berendsen Cleanroom Services focus on goggles

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For those working in research or manufacturing having effective sterile eye protection is a paramount concern. 

There are various issues to be considered such retaining visual clarity, limiting fogging and improving air flow, accommodating prescription glasses while providing superior peripheral visibility and the main concern of ongoing sterile processing. 

The most effective option for sterilisation is gamma irradiation but previous offerings on the market traditionally only lasted 8 rounds before the lenses turned yellow and started to break down. Berendsen Cleanroom Services (BCS) have solved this issue and can offer the fully validated Acuity goggle which can withstand up to 20 rounds of irradiation before discolouration. This means greater visual transmittance over a longer time span making it more environmentally friendly, allowing for a more sustainable approach for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, electronics and other companies who operate sterile facilities.

The Acuity goggles have oversized vents which alleviate fogging and have a larger lens to enhance visibility. The shroud is also larger but still comfortably fits the contours of the wearers face.

A separate issue is the straps that accompany sterile goggles. Rubber unless it is latex-free can cause irritation, be uncomfortable for the wearer and rubber breaks down during extended irradiation. 

Many fabric options can shed particles. BCS undertook extensive research to find a comfortable strap which does not shed particles and can be cleaned and sterilised for the same lifespan as the goggles. BCS have developed a bespoke strap option which is exclusively available from them and fulfils all criteria. The strap fits easily into the gamma compatible buckles and is fully adjustable.

The problem of purchasing, storing, ongoing cleaning and sterilisation is taken care of under the BCS rental scheme which works alongside garment rental.

By taking a 3600 view of goggle requirements for those working in controlled areas and aseptic conditions BCS hope to have overcome the most common problems associated with this essential contamination control product.

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