Air pollution regulations drive deployment of flexible abatement solutions - Case Study

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To address the growing complexity of air pollution regulations, which have to address a multi-tiered array of local authority, national and international requirements, AirProtekt of Cambridge is offering a total package air pollution service that embraces process assessment, project design, supply of the air pollution equipment, installation and commissioning.

Modern Air pollution regulations increasingly call for the deployment of more flexible abatement systems and being a leading air pollution control specialist, AirProtekt is well placed to offer versatile technical solutions to abatement challenges.

AirProtekt has built up a wealth of market knowledge, technical expertise and practical skills gained from working for more than thirty years in the global Air Pollution Control industry.

Many air pollution applications call for highly flexible abatement systems to be designed and deployed especially where there is a requirement for batch based production runs. Low running costs together with the ability to run the abatement at low process flowrates are vital. A quick start up system also offers major benefits.

AirProtekt’s flexible, total package approach to providing engineering solutions means that the company is capable of combining and tailoring modular equipment to meet exacting air pollution requirements in the most cost-effective way.

For the majority of abatement applications catalytic oxidation is more expensive than

thermal oxidation at low flow rates. However, the reverse is often the case for high flow rates. Thermal oxidation abatement solutions tend to be more economical at very high VOC concentrations whereas catalytic oxidation is typically more economical at moderate VOC concentrations...