Keynote Close Up - Yvonne Waterman

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Dr. Yvonne Waterman is a national specialist in occupational accidents and occupational diseases; with a keen interest in asbestos.

After receiving a Ph.D. from Erasmus University Rotterdam in liability law relating to accidents and diseases sustained in the workplace, Yvonne went on to set up the Waterman Legal Consultancy - which specialises in the matter.

With asbestos having become a favourite subject for her during her studies, Yvonne spent much of her time between 2000 and 2015 travelling the globe to attend asbestos conferences and learn as much as possible about the dangerous mineral.

Having noticed during her travels that countries around the world weren’t sharing the new solutions being discovered to deal with asbestos, in 2015 Yvonne launched the European Asbestos Forum Foundation.

Running for the first time later that year at the NH Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky in Amsterdam, the forum was set up to deliver key information from industry experts to all asbestos stakeholders - trainers, victims, lawmakers, asbestos removers and the legal community.

As well as providing a platform to share the latest discoveries in best asbestos practices, the forum also covers everything from remediation practices and safety codes to methods to raise awareness of asbestos dangers, improving the speed of court proceedings, comparing compensations and treatments.

Ultimately, the foundation strives to increase awareness, knowledge and networks across borders and professional sectors in order to prevent future asbestos victims, improve safety and eventually lead to internationally common asbestos legislation (‘level playing field’).

Despite having been banned in Europe by virtue of a directive of the EU in 2005, half of all the world’s asbestos production and products are to be found in Europe - making Yvonne’s knowledge and passion for asbestos as relevant and important as ever.

One of the most prominent figures in the national asbestos sector, Yvonne often provides speeches and classes about almost every aspect of asbestos.

She also teaches liability classes to lawyers and is editor of, and contributor to, a number of legal journals.

Yvonne’s keynote seminar at the Contamination Expo Series is a must-attend talk for everyone in and around the asbestos industry wanting to know the future of the sector. 

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