Strategic alliance for oil and gas exploration

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Three firms have signed a formal agreement over integrated subsea well-capping response solutions.

The memorandum of understanding (MoU) was reached between Oil Spill Response Ltd (OSRL), Trendsetter Engineering and Halliburton last month. It will see the creation of a strategic alliance for the exploration of oil and gas, and production companies globally - covering integrated solutions for preparedness and response when it comes to subsea well control activities.

Further enhancing the approach previously formulated through the Global Industry Response Group (GIRG) and implemented by the Subsea Well Response Project (SWRP), the new agreement will put in place an integrated, best-practice strategy for the management of subsea-well control incidents across the globe.

Matt Clements, Subsea Well Intervention Service Director at OSRL, said the memorandum will bring major benefits to the sector as a whole.

“We’re delighted with the agreement, which will enable OSRL to better serve the requirements of our clients and potential clients.

“The thorough end-to-end best practice solution for preparedness and response to a subsea well control incident also includes availability of operational and deployment support,” he said.

Under the conditions of the memorandum, responsibility for giving access (via membership) to an industry-owned global capping and containment capability will remain with OSRL.

The firm will also continue to properly maintain response-ready equipment related to the Subsea Well Intervention Service (SWIS), including the deployment of relevant equipment.

OSRL will also maintain its responsibility of providing members with access to all preparedness services, such as logistics planning, training and exercise delivery; as well as more traditional oil spill preparedness services.

Trendsetter and Halliburton’s Boots and Coots well control division will provide access to trained and fast-acting response personnel and subject matter experts, who will support SWIS members with both strategic and tactical issues.

The companies will also help to aid preparedness activities in a range of areas, including: source control, well control, relief well planning, and engineering through OSRL.