Source Testing Association

The Source Testing Association (STA) was established in 1995 the membership comprises representation from process operators, regulators, equipment suppliers and test laboratories. The STA is a non-profit making organisation.

The STA is committed to the advancement of the science and practice of emission monitoring and to develop and maintain a high quality of service to customers.

Its aims and objectives are to:

(i) contribute to the development of industry standards, codes, safety procedures and operating principles;
(ii) encourage the personal and professional development of practicing source testers and students;
(iii) maintain a body of current sampling knowledge;
(iv) assist in maintenance of a high level of ethical conduct;
(v) seek co-operative endeavours with other professional organisations, institutions and regulatory bodies, nationally and internationally, that are engaged in source emissions testing.

The Associations headquarters are based in Hitchin, Hertfordshire with meeting rooms, library and administration offices.

The Association offers a package of benefits to its members which include:

 Technical advice relating to emission monitoring
 Conference and exhibition opportunities
 Seminars and training on a variety of related activities
 Representation on National, European and International standards organisations
 Training in relation to many aspects of emission monitoring
 Liaison with regulators, UK and International, many of whom are members.

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