Adrian Wilkinson

DroneSurv (Land and Minerals Consulting Ltd)

Adrian Wilkinson is Managing Director of Land and Minerals Consulting Ltd (DroneSurv) and is a Chartered Geologist and Geotechnical Engineer (as well as a licensed UAV Pilot). He formed the Company in 2004 as a geological, geotechnical and surveying consultancy.

The Company specialises in the “remote” acquisition of survey, geological, geotechnical and environmental data using long-range high-accuracy LiDAR and their various UAV mounted aerial systems. Since 2013, the Company also trades under the name of DroneSurv. The Company has considerable experience in undertaking remote surveys for a wide range of industries including Quarrying Companies, Construction Companies, Media Companies, Television and Film Companies, Property and Estate Management Companies, Local Government, The Gibraltarian Government and the Ministry of Defence (to name a few) and have the experience, software and hardware to process the data into formats required by a wide range of industry standard surveying, geological modelling and geotechnical analysis software.

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Drones – The Law and the Benefits

Recent advancements in long-range high-definition terrestrial LiDAR systems (TLS) and unmanned aerial systems/vehicles (or ‘Drones’) has enabled detailed ‘point-cloud’ surveys to be obtained.

However, the use of Drones requires an adherence to stringent aviation law that many operators and potential clients are unaware of. This paper looks at the Law pertaining to the use of Drones and the benefits these point-cloud surveys have in environmental and geotechnical mapping.


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