Andy Nicoll

Oil Spill Response Limited

Mr. Andrew Nicoll (Andy) is the Advocacy Manager for Oil Spill Response Limited (OSRL), managing the company’s programme of external stakeholder engagement. He first joined the company in 1989 following 10 years as a deck officer in the UK merchant navy.

He has worked both in industry and government, managing a Tier 1 response base for BP and as a Counter Pollution Officer for the UK MCA respectively. He has tactical response experience gained at over 30 spills in UK and Europe, and in 2010 performed as Technical Advisor to the SCAT Programme Manager for the Macondo incident in the Gulf of Mexico.

He is an Incident Manager as defined in the company’s Approved Competency Management System has also held positions as the Principal Trainer and Operations Team Manager for OSRL prior to his current assignment.

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A Guide to Tiered Preparedness and Response

Many will be familiar with the traditional concept of tiered response (Tier 1 local, Tier 2 regional, Tier 3 national / international etc.). Advances in response technology, logistical capability and communication tools are now enabling global resources to be cascaded to an incident location more effectively.

This seminar considers the new industry model for planning the provision of response capability to meet the identified risk, thereby improving response effectiveness


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