Bav Thaker

Augean PLC

I am an honours graduate in Mechanical Engineering and have worked in the nuclear industry for almost 30 years.

My first employment was with British Nuclear Fuels Ltd (now Sellafield Ltd). I worked with BNFL for 23 years initially starting at the Sellafield Site and then most of their other sites.

My roles have predominantly been associated with Decommissioning, Demolition and Waste Management of Redundant Nuclear Facilities.

I joined SITA UK (now Suez) in 2009 as their UK Technical Manager - Radioactive and NORM Waste.

My role over 5-Years was to develop a UK Radioactive Waste Management capability within the Company through establishment of Radioactive and NORM Waste Disposal Landfills and a NORM De-Scaling and Treatment Facility.

I am currently employed by Augean Plc as their Radioactive Waste Advisor (RWA).

My roles include providing expert advice on Radiological work and development of technologies for Treatment and Disposal of Radioactive Waste.

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The Management of Contaminated Land – ‘A Radiological Perspective’

The current forecast is that The UK Nuclear Industry has circa 10 – 20 M m3 of Radioactively Contaminated Land. The forecast is that the UK as a whole has a similar volume from historical Industrial activities.

This Seminar provides a perspective on the Characterisation Process that must be undertaken to understand both the Radiological and Non Radiological Properties of Contaminated Land in order to then develop suitable Treatment and Disposal Options.


  • John McMurtrie: Speaking at the Contamination Expo

    John McMurtrie - An Introduction to the International Spill Organization

  • Mark Liddiard: Speaking at the Contamination Expo

    Mark Liddiard - Successful Remediation Outside of Nuclear Site Boundaries

  • Prof Roger J Willey: Speaking at the Contamination Expo

    Prof Roger J Willey - Remediation of Asbestos Contaminated Soils

  • Dr Barney Love: Speaking at the Contamination Expo

    Dr Barney Love - Bradwell Ponds Decommissioning – Deplant & Decontamination

  • Dr Marc Bevan: Speaking at the Contamination Expo

    Dr Marc Bevan - The application of groundwater remediation techniques during construction dewatering