Ben Lindley

Japanese Knotweed Ltd

Ben Lindley has worked in the knotweed industry for 11 years and built up an extensive knowledge of Japanese knotweed identification, management, control procedures and treatment removal strategies.

Ben manages the commercial client business for Japanese Knotweed Ltd and provides expertise in Survey Reports, Tenders, Knotweed Management Plans, Treatment Strategies and Guarantees.

Japanese Knotweed Ltd is a member of the Property Care Association’s trade body; ‘Invasive Weed Control Group’ (IWCG). Ben sits on the member’s panel for the trade body helping make decisions for the direction of the group and its members.

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Understanding and Remediating Japanese knotweed

An informative presentation looking at the problem of Japanese knotweed and how do deal with it. The talk will include: What is Japanese knotweed? | How to identify it | Why it requires remediation | Legal implications | Choosing the correct remedial strategy (utilising case studies for practical reference) | Records of work | Guarantees and Insurance. The speaker will be happy to take questions at the end of the talk.