Bernard LOUVET


Bernard LOUVET 47 years old, PHD in Mecanic and MBA from EM Lyon and Carneggie Mellon University. He has started his career internationally in the automotive industry (Valeo) and has held position of international General management in the building industry (Saint Gobain), the Mining industry (Sandvik). And has become the owner of CNSE Leader in France in mobile Welfare units, decontamination units and sanitary units since 2012.

With his international entrepreneur career, he is developing the export for CNSE in all Europe adapting the product to local requirements. He has become knowledgeable on the expectations for mobile decontamination units for Asbestos removal.

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Mobile Decontamination UNITS evolutions for the asbestos removal.

The ambition of the presentation is to put in perspective the regulation evolution concerning the definition of the Decontamination Units in France and the corresponding trend in the other European country and UK in particular.


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