Dennis Kierkels MSc

MiniContainment Nederland BV

After graduating from the University of Nijmegen, Dennis Kierkels started to work in the real estate business, working on many industrial sites.

In 2015, Ruud Janssen, greatly experienced in demolition and asbestos removal, asked Dennis to switch to the asbestos sector to become the CEO of MiniContainment Nederland BV.

In addition to his job at MiniContainment, Dennis is chairman of the supervisory board of one of the largest holiday parks in the Netherlands, and until recently was responsible for the further development and reorganisation of another very large holiday park in his hometown. Dennis (and also Ruud) are very committed to the theme ‘Health’; another of their great initiatives is the highly successful Obesity Cycling Tour.

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The Introduction of a Dutch Asbestos Removal Innovation on A Very Traditional, Difficult Market.

MiniContainment will speak about their experiences on introducing their innovative method of asbestos removal, how they worked around tough sector laws that are consistently becoming stricter, the equipment considerations they needed to take with regards to its impact on the environment, and how the Dutch Government have assisted them with their international ambitions.


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