Dr Barney Love

Radwise Limited

Barney has been working at the Bradwell Decommissioning Site for six years, the last three of which have been on the Fuel Cooling Ponds. Taking the project from sealing and stabilising of the Ponds floor and walls, through deplant of the water treatment plant and ancillary systems, and on to final decontamination of building structures to reach a safe and passive end state. Before the Fuel Cooling Ponds Project, Barney worked on Bradwell’s ‘North End’ land remediation project from conception through to completion and prior to this was engaged in a phase of the site’s Legacy ILW Waste program, providing support through instrument maintenance and commissioning. Prior to working in the nuclear industry Barney has worked as a research scientist in the field of dynamical meteorology, involved in the analysis and improvement of global atmospheric models and the development of long range monsoon forecasting.

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Bradwell Ponds Decommissioning – Deplant & Decontamination

The deplant of contaminated systems and the decontamination of structures represents a significant body of work in which operational health physics plays the key role in identifying and navigating a safe and commercially favourable deplant methodology and its sequencing. The identification of the most efficient decontamination techniques and the scale of their application, to achieve the desired final safe and passive state. This seminar sets out the development and application of this process on the Bradwell Ponds Project.


  • Will Fardon: Speaking at the Contamination Expo

    Will Fardon - Laboratory Asbestos Testing and Respirable Fibres

  • Dr Chris Stopford: Speaking at the Contamination Expo

    Dr Chris Stopford - Real-time detection of airborne asbestos by light scattering from magnetically rotated fibres

  • Prof Paul Bardos: Speaking at the Contamination Expo

    Prof Paul Bardos - Nanoremediation Technologies – Findings Of The EU FP7 NanoRem Project

  • Dr David Crouch: Speaking at the Contamination Expo

    Dr David Crouch - A game changer for CBRN decontamination

  • James Harrison: Speaking at the Contamination Expo

    James Harrison - AGS Guidance on practical compliance with WM3