Dr David Crouch

Scott Safety

Dr David Crouch BSc (Hons) MA EurChem CSci CChem FRSC
Global Product Manager, Military & Civil Defence Division

Dr David Crouch is currently Global Product Manager (Military & Civil Defence) at Scott Safety and Vice Chairman of CBRN-UK. David has over 21 years'' experience in CBRN materials science and is the holder of three university degrees [PhD, MA & BSc(Hons)]. In that time his roles have spanned smart material design and delivery, project and team management, strategic technology planning and active team leadership. A chartered chemist and Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, David is currently technical lead on all Scott Safety CBRN Hazard management programs, for both the civil and military markets. His role also includes account management, negotiation and engagement with principal stakeholders throughout the international disinfection community.

Prior to his position with Scott Safety David spent 16 years engaged on CBRN decontamination issues at Pursuit Dynamics PLC and the University of Manchester (UoM) focusing primarily on radiological remediation. David has an established international reputation for his CBRN expertise. Having published widely and worked extensively with toxic industrial compounds, including cyanides, phosphorus (V) and pathogenic biological materials, David’s CBRN expertise also extends into the field of chemical & biological decontamination and further highlights his authority in the area of hazard management for the selective remediation of solutions, surfaces and atmospheres. He has authored or co-authored 48 publications and 8 Patents and participated in numerous international presentations.

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A game changer for CBRN decontamination

Hear Dr David Crouch, Global Product Manager (Military & Civil Defence) at Scott Safety and Vice Chairman of CBRN-UK take you through the ground breaking Light Decontamination System. This new light, portable and extremely powerful airborne and surface decontamination solution from Scott Safety is achieving a military first – decontamination of chemical, biological and radiological vapours, liquids and particles simultaneously in as little as five minutes. Dr. Crouch will explain how Scott’s atomisation technology creates a fine mist of rapid projection to ensure an even and consistent coverage of areas up to 500m³.