Dr. Fiachra Collins


Dr. Fiachra Collins is AmbiSense Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer. Previous to founding AmbiSense, Fiachra was a senior postdoctoral researcher based in the National Centre for Sensor Research (NCSR) in Dublin City University in Ireland where he led the technology development to bring the AmbiSense technology platform from proof of concept to commercial product phase. During this time he was awarded numerous awards for innovation and has authored several papers published by the Irish EPA and leading academic publications. His role in AmbiSense is to lead the team overseeing the continuing technology development and regularly speaks at environmental conferences around the world. Fiachra has a Ph.D. from Dublin City University and a First Class B.E. in Mechanical Engineering from University College Dublin.

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Online Adaptive Gas + Flow monitoring for Ground-Gas Risk Assessment

Measuring ground-gas flows and concentrations is imperative in risk assessment of contaminated land. However the integrity of data is compounded by the disparity of methods employed and site conditions that heavily influence readings. To address these, a technology solution has been developed in conjunction with leading industry experts. AmbiSense CTO Dr. Fiachra Collins will describe this technology was applied in a recent UK case study and will discuss its applications in contaminated land, landfill and O&G sectors.


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