Dr Marc Bevan

Project Dewatering Limited

Dr Marc Bevan is the Managing Director of Project Dewatering Limited, part of the leading international groundwater contractor Hölscher Wasserbau. In 2001, Marc was part-funded by the industry of complete an Engineering Doctorate from the University of Southampton looking into the geo-environmental impacts of construction dewatering drawing conclusions from data generated during the construction of the HS1 (CTRL). He has accumulated 15 years experience working on a wide range of UK groundwater control projects including Crossrail and investigation works for Thames Tideway. Marc joined Project Dewatering in January 2016 and is tasked with ensuring the best practices and technology in groundwater management are available to the UK market, though collaboration with parent company. He is responsible for the design and implementation of groundwater control schemes of all scales and types.

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The application of groundwater remediation techniques during construction dewatering

Groundwater control (or dewatering) is often a requirement of any for below-ground construction including tunnels, basements or pipelines. Managing contaminated groundwater is an additional challenge which may require measures to prevent migration of contamination plumes, treatment of water to allow safe disposal to rivers or sewer, or to allow re-infiltration of water back to the aquifer. The implications of legacy contamination on groundwater control schemes will be discussed and an overview given of the common treatment options. The talk will highlight some recent projects, including Europe’s largest ever dewatering and groundwater management scheme on the Copenhagen Cityringen Metro and the highly monitored Stuttgart S1 project.


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