Dr Richard J.F. Bewley


Dr Richard Bewley is Technical Leader for AECOM’s UK & Ireland Remediation team.
He graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 1976 and subsequently undertook a PhD in heavy metals and microbial ecology at the University of Bristol. Following almost five years of research into environmental contaminants and soil microbial processes at New York University and the University of Calgary, he returned to the UK in the mid-1980’s, where he pioneered some of the earliest bioremediation projects in Europe. He joined AECOM’s heritage company Dames & Moore in 1990 and over the last 25 years has provided the technical direction for a wide range of remediation projects particularly using biological and chemical approaches. With over 50 publications in his field he has served on the Soil Science Advisory Committee, is a visiting lecturer at Lancaster University and was made an Honorary Fellow of the University of Edinburgh.

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Meeting contamination challenges at operational sites through sustainable remediation practices

The legacy of environmental contamination at operational facilities poses particular challenges for remediation due to access constraints and health and safety considerations. This seminar will describe how these can be met through following the principles of sustainable remediation practice embodied in legislative guidance, by reference to several case studies, involving remediation of chlorinated solvents and hydrocarbons. Particular focus will be given to the application of multiple remedial techniques.