Dr. Steve Goodman

Shawcity Ltd

Steve is a Product Specialist Manager for Shawcity Ltd. and is passionate about the Environmental field, specialising in waste management and the synthesis of clean energy. This was developed through undertaking a BSc in Environmental Science and Technology at the University of Exeter and then further by completing an MSc in Environmental Engineering at Imperial College, London.

His interest culminated in performing research (PhD) in which he looked at the conversion of waste plastics to their constituent parts, oil and gas through the processes of ''microwave'' decomposition/pyrolysis.

With this he became specialised in the use of inorganic and organic analysis techniques, in particular GC/FID, GC/MS and Py-GC/MS. Alongside his research he has worked on a number of consultations looking at developing new sources of oil from organic materials and the development of high surface area absorbents for water and gas.

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Environmental Organic Gas Analysis – Soil and Water

Continuous gas-monitoring data has revealed several potential flaws in existing monitoring methodologies. The identification of ground-gas regimes that vary on a site-specific basis indicates the potential for a mismatch between the frequency of sampling and the variability of gas concentration, demonstrating the importance of selecting an appropriate sampling frequency.
Combined with onsite field analysis of VOCs in boreholes, we now have a significantly increased potential to get a fuller understanding of the true nature of ground gas regimes and the potential contamination of soils and ground waters with organics.


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