Janice Hiller

In-Situ Inc.

During her 20+ years at In-Situ, Ms. Hiller has worn multiple hats including regional sales manager, business development manager, and vertical marketing manager. She’s helped instrument pilot studies and full scale groundwater treatment systems, and developed case studies with a focus on optimizing injection pilots using real-time monitoring technologies. Because of insights gained during her work with customers, she helped develop multiple cost-saving monitoring strategies using real-time geochemical and physical sensing technologies to solve common failures resulting from lack of high resolution, decision-quality data. Janice continues to be part of a team responsible for developing, validating and transferring monitoring technologies and strategies from established markets to emerging markets, including shale oil and gas.

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Using real-time monitoring to optimize groundwater remediation outcomes

Traditional methods of validating remedy effectiveness during injection pilots are still commonly employed. Lab analysis of groundwater samples taken after injection can take weeks to analyse, are costly, and inhibit real-time decision-making based on refined site characterization, resulting in increased chemical costs and delays. Today, real-time geochemical sensing technologies and cloud-based data management solutions enable faster decision-making and improved outcomes.


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