Joanne Kwan


Joanne is the project manager of CIRIA’s award winning contaminated land programme with considerable experience in collaborative research and promoting good practice for the brownfield sector. Joanne has developed and managed more than 50 guidance reports and one of the first e-training courses on contaminated land in the UK.

Joanne is a Chartered Chemist, a Visiting Lecturer at Cardiff University and an external examiner at Cambridge University.

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Innovative site investigation for contaminated land

Investigation techniques have evolved substantially over the past few decades, particularly with increasing use of geophysical and remote sensing techniques for data acquisition and interpretation. Many of these techniques could be used in acquiring more than one type of data/information about the site.

This presentation will discuss innovative techniques used in contaminated land projects. It will described the current practice and new approaches; for example the use of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAVs)/drones in investigation for land projects.


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    Bernard LOUVET - Mobile Decontamination UNITS evolutions for the asbestos removal.

  • Gavin Grant: Speaking at the Contamination Expo

    Gavin Grant - STAR and STARx: Smouldering Solutions for Contaminated Soils and Liquid Organic Wastes