John McMurtrie

International Spill Control Organization (ISCO)

John McMurtrie has specialised in oil pollution control (over 45 years experience) including international spill response planning and operations; spill prevention and mitigation measures; spill incident investigation; response facilities design; and upgrading of existing response capabilities. Experienced in advising governments and other organisations in oil pollution control matters, including spill preparedness and response strategy. Particular interest in helping organisations to develop and implement cost-effective solutions based on sharing of effective spill preparedness resources and costs amongst all concerned stakeholders.

He is Secretary of the International Spill Control Organisation (ISCO) with a mission is to raise worldwide preparedness and co-operation in response to oil and chemical spills, to promote technical development and professional competency, and to provide a focus for making the knowledge and experience of spill control professionals available to IMO, UNEP and other organisations.

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An Introduction to the International Spill Organization

ISCO has members in over 45 countries, including major response organisations, equipment manufacturers, training providers and individual professionals. It is the only organization representing the spill response industry at IMO and IOPC Funds. ISCO has become a recognised facility for authorities, oil companies and other entities for the access of support from the private sector and rapid sourcing of specialised know-how and equipment. Membership has many practical benefits including a weekly newsletter and online access to over 200 oil and chemical spill response guidelines, manuals and technical articles.


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