Lucy Thomas

Society of Brownfield Risk Assessment

Lucy Thomas, a Director at RSK, is currently Chair of the Society of Brownfield RIsk Assessment. Lucy is a Chartered Geologist and SiLC with over 15 years’ experience in the design and implementation of site assessments for contaminated land.

Lucy has specific expertise in groundwater and human health risk assessment, hence her desire to be actively involved in SoBRA. Lucy leads the executive committee of SoBRA who have recently released their new accreditation scheme to demonstrate competency in risk assessors. The SoBRA committee also steers the work of active sub-groups in acute toxicology, vapour intrusion assessment criteria, asbestos in soil, accreditation and standards. The sub-groups are volunteers who seek to support SoBRA’s objectives of knowledge sharing, technical excellence and the development of new guidance. The committee also organise a summer workshop on a specific contaminant or topic to aid identification of future research and has a bursary and scholarship scheme to help meet these needs.

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What is the Society of Brownfield Risk Assessment (SoBRA) doing to help the contaminated land industry?

The seminar will include an overview of the society and focus on the work of several sub-groups, specifically: Benefits of our accreditation scheme to members, regulators and clients; Top tips on your application for the accreditation scheme ; Latest thoughts on risk assessment of asbestos in soil; Progress on the acute and vapour intrusion generic assessment criteria