Niels Ploug

Krüger A/S

Niels Ploug has 20+ years of experience working solely within in-situ soil remediation. He has worked with in situ testing, remedial design and implementation of technologies like SVE, IAS, MPE and chemox. Work has been carried out around Europe like Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Serbia, Lithuania, Estonia etc.
For the last 10 years Mr. Ploug has been dedicated to in-situ thermal soil remediation. He is responsible for the overall development of the technical solutions and designs. Thermal remediation has been undertaken in Denmark, Sweden, The Netherlands, Switzerland and Vietnam. Mr. Ploug is today acting as Krüger’s Product Manager for the In-situ Thermal Solutions.

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Status of Thermal Soil Remediation

Thermal Soil Remediation can when implemented correctly achieve very strict clean-up criteria. Every site has its own challenges and a serious and thorough approach is necessary to deliver robust and predictable results. This presentation goes through the key mechanisms of thermal soil remediation and highlights important parameters to identify. Conceptual site model, design considerations, heat transfer modelling, sensitivity analysis is all important aspects of thermal soil remediation. Case studies will be presented to show the variety of sites (from sand to granite) and contaminants (chlorinated solvents to dioxin) treated.