Paul Gribble

ALcontrol Laboratories

Paul has over twenty years experience in analytical testing of environmental samples, starting his career as a waste water chemist for Anglian Water.

For the last 14 years been involved in contaminated land and associated water, landfill and air analysis as either a lab manager or technical manager.
Paul’s main areas of interest are new analytical methodologies, emerging contaminants and customer specific projects. He also keeps a watching eye on changes in environmental legislation.

Paul has been involved in major projects both in the UK and overseas for a variety of customers.

In his current role Paul provides the link between the technical and commercial requirements of the ALcontrol land business. This includes development and accreditation programmes, running special projects and liaising with customers on technical issues.

The most recent projects Paul has been involved in are development of methods to meet Environmental Quality Standards (EQS) requirements for the EU Water Framework Directive and commercialising new PFAS methodologies.

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Poly and Perfluorinated substances (PFAS) – background and laboratory analysis

Poly and Perfluorinated substances (PFAS) are a manmade class of chemicals of emerging environmental concern, due to their persistence in the environment and the known toxicity of some of the compounds. This seminar will look at background of PFAS use, different classes of compounds and analytical methods including the introduction of the TOP assay for assessing total PFAS load in a sample.


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