Peter Hiller

National Nuclear Laboratory Limited

Peter Hiller is a site and waste characterisation specialist with over twenty six years’ experience, providing technical leadership and guidance on site and waste characterisation and management projects across a range of nuclear sites in both the United Kingdom and Europe. He is instrumental in developing novel approaches and techniques to site characterisation, waste sampling, management and assessment.
The first eleven years of his career were spent in a commercial non-nuclear site characterisation organisation working in a range of areas including geotechnical and contaminated land projects, waste management and licencing projects and remediation projects across the United Kingdom. The past sixteen years have been spent within the nuclear sector starting with British Nuclear Fuels Limited’s environmental capability in 2000 and most recently, leading the National Nuclear Laboratory’s Environmental Characterisation team. Over the past five years his portfolio of work has expanded beyond the United Kingdom to include work in the Emerging European countries to include for example, Bulgaria and Romania.

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Addressing the waste management challenges in the UK nuclear industry

As the UK nuclear industry continues to decommission the more complex and active redundant facilities across the estate, the challenges in terms of waste characterisation, development, treatment and disposal continue to increase. However, with the challenges are presented opportunities for the development of new techniques and innovations to address these challenges and deliver safe, pragmatic and cost effective solutions which will be explored in this seminar.


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