Simon Burr


Simon has been working in environmental consultancy since 1993, with specialisation in contaminated land risk assessment, investigation and remediation at a senior project management level. He is a registered Specialist in Land Condition (SiLC) and a Qualified Person under industry’s Code of Practice for the Definition of Waste. He is a member of the Society for Brownfield Risk Assessment (SoBRA) and was a member of the sub-committee which developed the accreditation scheme for contaminated land risk assessors.

As well as having considerable experience in undertaking and managing site investigations, detailed risk assessments and the remediation design of a number of regeneration projects he now manages a number of client portfolios. He heads the London Land Quality department of CampbellReith and therefore has responsibility for managing the delivery of the environmental work of the Practice. He also manages the development of CampbellReith’s human health, groundwater and ground gas risk assessment capabilities.

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Landfill Regeneration Via Detailed Assessment – a Case Study

We will summarise the works undertaken for a former landfill site which enabled residential redevelopment to proceed without the need for land based gas protection measures and long term post construction gas monitoring that had previously been specified by others. We utilised an innovative method of ground gas risk assessment that is based on assessment of the gas generation potential of soils rather than solely on gas concentrations and flows.