Stefan Le Roy

WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff

With over 25 years of groundwater experience gained on a wide variety of contaminated land, water resource and infrastructure projects across many parts of the world, Stefan is WSP|Parson’s Brinckerhoff leading technical director for hydrogeology and groundwater risk in the UK. He is currently involved in major infrastructure projects in the UK, Middle East and Africa and he currently chair’s the firm’s global hydrogeology network.

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Groundwater Resilience – Risks & Opportunities?

Groundwater is an undervalued and often ignored resource and with a move towards de-regulation of the sector Stefan will explore the challenges this poses. He will look at the current and future trends for management of groundwater within the context of emerging pollutants and contaminated land, its role in brownfield regeneration and infrastructure projects and water resource protection and he will provide the benefit of his significant experience of how groundwater risks can be effectively mitigated through planning and design through a series of project examples.


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