Steve Edgar

VertaseFLI Limited

As a Director at VertaseFLI Steve is involved in some of the most challenging remediation projects from a “hands on” perspective. He has played a pivotal role in the development of the business and establishing VertaseFLI as one of the largest, leading and most well respected, technically qualified remediation contractors in the UK. Steve is chair of the CL:AIRE Technology and Research Group (TRG), a RemSoc founding member and is a geologist working in brownfield and contaminated land since the mid 1990’s.

Steve has experience of remediating and managing many different contaminated sites including in recent times a significant amount of work with Landfills, Asbestos, pesticides, herbicides, chlorinated solvents, and last but not least radioactive materials.

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Remediating Landfills for Residential and Commercial Development

“Landfill Mining” is discussed a lot. The real win from excavating landfills is developable land. We will help you understand the challenges of excavating landfills, controlling leachate, managing gas present and future, re-using waste materials, geotechnical considerations, planning and waste re-use challenges in turning landfills into development platforms. An insight into this difficult area of remediation will be provided with real case studies from one of the few contractors with real experience!


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