Stuart Goodman

Lucion Services Ltd

Stuart Goodman started in the asbestos industry as an on site surveyor/analyst progressing through roles such as a Project Coordinator, Lead Compliance Auditor and Training Manager while working his way up to the highest level of asbestos qualification (BOHS CoC Asbestos). With 10 years of asbestos industry experience Stuart now consults with Lucion Services asbestos divisions for projects concerning both buildings and ever increasing issue of contaminated land.

Alongside Stuart’s involvement in the asbestos sector he also plays a big part as a CDM / health and safety consultant within Innov8 Safety Solutions. This role involves ongoing health and safety risk management supporting some of the country''s largest construction companies.

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Practical Approach to Asbestos Contaminated Soils Investigation and Remediation

This presentation will be using case studies to look at some of the practical approaches used in the investigation and remediation of asbestos contaminated soils.


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