Victoria Nesbitt

Nuvia Limited

Victoria is a Lead Consultant and Chartered Environmentalist working in Nuvia’s Waste and Environment team. She has a strong background in environmental science, with particular experience in the management of radioactive waste and site contamination. Victoria has lead or supported the development of remedial action plans and sampling strategies for radiologically and chemically contaminated sites across the UK and overseas. She has applied the DQO process and associated VSP software to support the demolition of a disused actinide analytical facility in the UK and is a strong advocate of best available techniques for resolving waste and environmental challenges. As such, she has gained significant experience in participating in and chairing optioneering studies and BAT assessments. She has recently undertaken an R&D project within Nuvia on the application of Phytoremediation in the nuclear industry.

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Land and Facility Remediation: Minimising the Burden of Contamination shouldn’t cost the Earth

Remediation of contaminated land and facilities requires a careful and systematic approach, which if correctly applied will reduce the quantity and associated cost of waste, as well as minimising risks to humans and the wider environment. This presentation explores some of the techniques and technologies used within the industry to characterise and manage contaminated material from land and buildings safely and effectively. The presentation includes examples from various remediation projects undertaken by Nuvia; both within the nuclear industry and other sectors.


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